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Art and Culture Magazine

In 2004 the editorial board of Art and Culture Magazine continued to function as a clearinghouse for the dissemination of data, news and opinion on art , culture, history, archeology etc. Through its monthly magazine, occasional publications and other activities.

The monthly magazine published some outstanding articles, for instance on the life and works of Chitr Bhumisakti, the disturbed situation in the South, and Dr.Dan Bradley and printing in Thailand, the newly discovered letters of King Mongkut to Anna Leonowens, the role of Muslims in history, and many others.

Special publications included the long-awaited Matichon Dictionary of the Thai Language, and paperbacks on such subjects as King Mongkut and his times, the poet Sunthorn Phu, and other works on folklore, ethnicity etc.

Other activities included an exhibition and seminar held at Chulalongkorn University and Bangkok Christian Hospital on the life and times of Dr.Bradley, the father of printing in Thailand and introducer of modern medicine.

2004 was the magazine?s 25th year of publication.

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