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Business Structure


Establishment of Company

The Company was set up on 18th.January 1978 under the name Matichon Co.,Ltd. With a registered capital of one million Baht,its business being publishing and advertising. It was registered with the Securities Exchange of Thailand on 15th. December 1989, and became a public company on 2nd.December 1993,under registration no. Bo Mo Cho 219. Its registered capital now totals Baht 245 million.

Matichon a group of publishing companies,our core business consists of daily & semi-weekly newspapers,magazine,pocket books and special publications. Matichon Plc. has two subsidiary companies : Khao-sod Co.,Ltd.(99.99 %owned by Matichon) The publisher of Khao-sod Daily and several other publications,which distributes and Ngandee Co.,Ltd. (99.50 % owned by Matichon),in charge the distributing service for the publications of Matichon Group.

Khao-sod Co., a subsidiary company of Matichon Plc.and the publisher of Khao-sod Daily,the fastest growing newspaper in the history of Thailand's newspaper industry.Within a few years of launching,it now ranks the third nationally of the mass-market newspaper in term of circulation.

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