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Annual Report 2003

Future Objectives

As Matichon's clipping and online information services proved highly popular, the Company has seen fit to develop them into an electronic library, the Matichon e-library, to serve organizations like educational institutions, businesses and other bodies. As it has proved most successful, the Company plans to develop it further to serve individuals. As there are a large number of these, the service will become an important income earner for the Company.

For sometime the Company's technological and occupational publications have been providing lectures and training courses which have proved both useful and popular. It is therefore proposed that the training centre, already in existence, be developed into a formal institution of occupational instruction.

Since the installation of a new in early 2004 increased the efficiency of production, making it possible to insert advertising sheets into all publications.

The Company intends to develop further sales promotion activities such as Senthang Setthi's occupational fairs and educational exhibitions.

The Company will also continue with its social service activities, for instance collecting funds and donating good books to school and prison libraries throughout the country.

The Company will maintain its conservative policy, in the firm belief that the market offers great business opportunities. Comparing the population and number of readers with the number of newspapers, the ratio is a low one of 10%

Increasing the efficiency of production is basic to the development of product quality as it will raise income while reducing costs, giving rise to steady operations, and making expansion possible at a suitable rate with appropriate returns for shareholders.

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