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Annual Report 2003

Matichon Newspaper

Throughout the year 2004, Matichon Daily improved its content, increased the number of pages and rearranged its sections into three for greater clarity, the first being general news, politics, regional news and opinion, the second being local and overseas economics, woman's affairs, youth, sport and entertainment, and the third being feature articles on social and cultural matters.

These improvements were welcomed by readers with a resultant increase in sales.

Through 2004 into 2005 a number of major news events occurred, including unrest in the South, the election of Bangkok?s mayor, local elections at various levels, the Tsunami disaster on the Andaman coast and the general election in February this year. These event were reported and commented upon to the satisfaction of readers.

Two special issues, one on the Tsunami and the other on the general election, were welcomed and sold well.

The year 2005 is likely to be similarly eventful, particularly as the new government administered by the Thai Rak Thai party alone is expected to become excessively authoritarian, lacking checks and balances. The editorial board of Matichon is therefore determined to make the newspaper an open stage for all to express their opinions and criticize freely, while following the government's performance and reaction to it closely, giving equal coverage to both and maintaining neutrality. Other matters will not be neglected.

On internal administration, the editorial board is maintaining its policy from prior year, with emphasis on quality of personnel with knowledge and ability to keep up with events both at home and abroad. The improvement of content and format will also continue in keeping with the motto "A Quality Newspaper for the Quality of the Nation".

As a result, it is believed that Matichon will continue to enjoy the confidence of its readership and sales will increase markedly.

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