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In 2004 Matichon Information Centre, as of the Matichon Groupís home page and provider of news and information to the editorial boards of all publications in the group, have developed a new service in the form of Matichon e-Library to enable the general public outside to access the library's database through the internet which can be accessed throughout the world 24 hours a day.

Matichon e-library is Thailand?s first digital news library, its content going back to 1996

Matichon e-library provides its services via the internet at economic package charges, namely Baht 12,000 per annum for small libraries and Baht 60,000 and Baht 120,000for small and large ones respectively. It is expected that this new service will increase income from information sales by no less than 40% as a number of large educational institutions have already subscribed to it. Subscribers may avail themselves of the service via the internet at Domain Name Matichon?s website has increased in popularity with viewers using more than 100 million page views in 2004, an increase of over 50% over prior year, reflecting fast growth in use of internet services on the part of Thais.

In 2005 Matichon e-library will be improved and expanded with the aim of making it one of the organization?s major earners

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