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Senthang Setthi Monthly

Senthang Setthi is a monthly magazine that seeks to promote private enterprise and self-employment.

A private enterprise may begin on a very small scale with very little capital, involving an individual or a family so as to minimize costs. Given ambition and industry, together with the right techniques and business acumen. Later, as it finds its place in the market with growing experience and confidence, more may be invested and more people employed.

Senthang Setthi publishes the stories of successful pioneers in new business endeavours. Such exemplary entrepreneurs are also invited to appear in person at Matichon Occupational and Business Centre to talk about their experiences and share them with others on Saturdays and Sundays.

Senthang Setthi and Matichon Occupational and Business Centre are mutually supportive, together encouraging potential entrepreneurs to try their skills for the benefit of themselves and society.

In 2005 Senthang Setthi will continue publication and other activities to promote self-employment and new enterprise.

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