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Pork Ribs Braised in Onion

Pork has not been in Thai staple dish but shrimp, shellfish, crab, fish net from the nearby stream. Even chicken used to be only occasional; such as when civil officers came by for inspection. Pork has its debut after the migrated Chinese butchered, put it on a paddle boat, and retailed it to those living along the waterway. At first the Thais wouldn"t know how to make of it, until the Chinese made "5-spice Pork", one of the earliest ready-to-eat and value-added dishes. Still, without spices like Star anise, Cloves, Chinese Cinnamon, Sichuan pepper and Fennel seeds, Thai housewives found it too cumbersome; so they adapted it to "Caramelized Pork Soup" using the same method as for Silver barb and mackerel.

Pork offal came worse with stench requiring arduous process.

Pork Ribs also finds no list in Thai traditional dishes.

Anyway, to research for more historical facts would rather make hungrier folks.

I bought 1 kilo of pork ribs 140 Baht, asking the butcher with sharp cleaver to chop it in 2-inch pieces; my kitchen knife would tire me out; and 1 bunch of coriander root 5 Baht.

Don"t forget 2 large onion bulbs 40-60 Baht. Though onion has its roots in Southeast Asia, it"s not commonly used locally until influenced by Chinese and Indian cooking. Shallot is more common: one of the main ingredients in all chili pastes and curry pastes.

At home, rinse the ribs; parboil in hot water and sieve up to rest; but don"t discard the water. This parboiling is standard cleaning method in Chinese and Vietnamese kitchen.

Next is the "3 Musketeers-coriander root, garlic and pepper". Chop coriander root and pound it with garlic and pepper, with a dash of sea salt to get it done quicker.

Finely slice onion, saut? in oil over medium heat until transparent, add the "3 Musketeers" and saut? on until aromatic.

Add ribs, blend in the onion mixture, and add the parboiled water just over the ribs. Set to boil and simmer with ripples. I have a habit of adding a few dried chilis, not for hotness, but to ward off vermin or those food snatchers.

30 minutes gone, as fast as in fairy tale, and the ribs should be done. Test with folk tine to see the meat easily part with the bone. Sprinkle with the chopped coriander stem.

By now, onion and "3 musketeers" should melt into a thick sauce ready for tasting. If it"s not salty, add salt or light soy sauce or Japanese soy sauce. A dash of Worcestershire sauce should pep up the savoury of the ribs onion sauce.

It"s that simple. Mom liked it; for its simple seasoning but delicious flavour.


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吐枰抛了土闼啖阻艇 恃 2 搜 40-60 阂 送零谁栳灵ㄐ琳对韫∮喙源愎嗤嗒章鸵む孤旃砧 岬瑜醚卿仿淞瑜柰落撮悛 ü浯橥苑冈九ㄒ 押㈤仪ㄕ贯判幄 嗝窑亻埂压岬杷土岽 嗷绻疏枪幻小秃视ぱ构橛久浴崤朽っ阻艇帷颐狙

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ц衣渌沥醚 崃琛怨崤榍 和—秃 嗑靡忻湿业凿凌仑瑙乱 岬柰描吐

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