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Stir-fried Ginger Chili Paste

This is another old recipe of our ancestor"s local wisdom, to preserve a simple dish for extended meals, or for trekking pack similar to "Salt "n Pepper" and other slow-cooking chili pastes stored in box or glass jar ready to be eaten with rice and various vegetable at hand. More importantly, it always tastes good.

Ginger chili paste completely differs from curry paste; with ginger in it, and fried.

I learned the recipe from elders, tried and recorded; to pass along and verify that "Stir-fried Ginger Chili Paste" recipe exists, and neither too arduous nor mysterious to make it right.

Ingredients for a half kilo of meat: dried Cayenne pepper 5; shallot 10 bulbs; garlic 20 cloves; galangal 1 tsp; lemon grass 3 tsp; black pepper 5 seeds; coriander root 1 tsp; salt 1 tsp; sugar 3 tbs; ginger 3 tbs; and usually with 50-grams of pounded dried shrimp or fish. All the ingredients must be shredded, or through a blender, else a truly fine pounding will take most of a day.

It is distinct from the curry paste - with no shrimp paste or kaffir lime zest.

To crown the dish, add pork crackling or crispy-fried catfish meat.

I went shopping and toiled with the pounding. It may tire you out against buying the ready-made paste; a little rest and the final result more than makes up for the effort.

For meat to go with the paste, I chose a whole serpent-head fish of 1 kilo, fillet to a half kilo. Then, over the old recipe with no vegetable, I bought a cake of hard tofu to dice and deep fry and accompany the fish.

Preparation: deep fry diced fish to golden crisp. Pound ingredients hard ones first - galangal, lemon grass, coriander root, black pepper and salt to a fine paste; then the rest.

Stir fry the paste preferably in pork lard, over low flame, until it emits bouquet. Gradually add sugar 1 tbs at a time and stir thoroughly until the paste thickens. Season to your taste and turn off the heat. Fold in crispy tofu and fish dices while still in the pan; so the paste covers all meat. If you like kaffir lime leaf or fiery hot fried dry bird-chili, sprinkle them on top. Its flavour is mildly sweet but spicy with ginger and other ingredients; and just-right hot.

To conclude: "Stir-fried Ginger Paste" must include ginger.


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