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Miracle Thai Agriculture

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The Belly ofPhotharam

Photharam is a districtin Ratchaburi Province, 80 km west of Bangkok onThanon Phetchakasem Highway 4 (AH2), or by Southbound train (it has a remarkable station). The town is on the east bank of Mae KlongRiver bend. From a small community since late Ayutthaya Era, being the trading post between Ratchaburi-Ban Pong and Kanchanaburi Province; it grew into a sizeable and active town-port.

Tourist attractions in this small and quiet town besides its "belle" include "Wat KhanonShadow Play" dated from the old capital; two-century old mural paintings in the main shrine of Wat Kongkaram temple; an old market alley conserved with teak houses and living museum.

Photharam is indeed quite a destination.But, I went to Photharam in search of its antiquated recipe; for freshwater fish of Mae Klong - void of industry pollutions- renderingfood chain to fishes. Thus I was interested in its cuisine, of fresh market and local recipe.

Fresh market here starts well before dawn. At four a.m. hundreds of vendors swarm the roadsides and island. Retailers of meat: beef (only 2), lots of pork and chicken (no duck) set stalls on the street and in the market hall. By eight all road stalls are gone for traffic; leaving only some fish and vegetable, and groceries.

Fish here are fresh and amazingly large, caught free or bred from cage in the river here, or from nearby Suphan Buri Province. They are: naked catfish, great white sheatfish, redtail catfish, striped catfish, striped catfish, spotted featherback, serpenthead, catfish, Nile tilapia, and common carp. Smaller ones are mud carp, marginatus, etc.

A lady chef inheriting recipes and traditional tips in details from her mom and grandma told me, that some fish in the market are not so popular; such as the Mekong giant catfish or red tilapia for their flesh are not delicate but too costly for folks.

Fresh fish can be cooked into delicious dishes; just spare the seasoning to subdue the fish flavour by sugar, oyster sauce or seasoning powder; with accompanied vegetable of just-right proportion. Cooking methods can be stir fry, deep fry,steam, in clear soup, tamarind soup, or hot and spicy soup. It can cast a menu; just choose the fish you like.

The menu at the River View Resort kept me short on decision. Finally I opted for hot &spicy soup of naked catfish head; with its chewy skin and savoury flesh, and revitalizingbroth.

The other one was "Sizzling Fried of Redtail Catfish" thickly sliced, fried in fiery bird chili pounded with Thai garlic and pepper corn, seasoned with just a bit of salt and soy sauce; with shredded fingerroot, kaffir lime leaf, sweet basil and red chili; and broth of pork back ribs and pandanus leaf.

If you want a taste, just call "Mae Paed" at (087) 046-6265 for riverside table booking.


饩敢靡 陀嗬豌龚学饲汛靡孛 髓咬ㄒ 秘о肪 浠芬У星压怠 靡 80 ≡馀嗔得汗豆灌惊绵∩ 嗣淄獯路咬枚淇室裸甸 琳识夜闸艇倒嗤妈咬喾枇摇 笛青磷艇笛椐吐勹汗窖瑙へ椐崃韫橛敌茄雇汀⑼п凌∨艇 嗷绻联灌¤裔¤岬瑜醚椐∶丕让胀仑嘎业凸慌衣 撮锹嗷绻识夜氛栳拧嗷耪杪故怨ら 崤楔卮狙〃痛嗝淄⒅楣盆艇 靡孛帐勹洪夜饣瑙 崤朽磷艇∫轨 ㄖЬ巡挂⒅楣ㄒ—亓嗯纭 ü嗷绻蹬掖⒐掖闼

崴盆Х柰о氛杪枪枰使悒愎嗔淄о喷℃ 唰章菏Ш崴瑙拐 雇〃摇嗷绻 "嗔淄Г故锹" 崤榍 卵Я "斯学闼茄储雇" 仍呕小颐崾揣夂靡翅佃っ验А秘о¤依揖ㄔ得∶昧揭脊学鸵仑唷枰帷桡骨汛ぇひ靡 蹬掖唷枰氛柰关醚∩爨米凸淞獒判识一训隆妹拎荤灌柿淄咕跃愿姥潮炝摘涨缘


岬杓龄秽磷艇饩敢靡 $嗑阻退业用押⊙孩橐谴验о丛立艇啖 獯锣┚倚嗷绻嗔淄Щ乓归莹状ㄒ♂凌∨艇 瑙好脏浅拐槁学慌痛僚驹扫摇饷Ё夜拓凳宜∶昧 氛栳灵ㄐ嗯绱磐此俚尧艇斯枨搂夜醚傲液橐 岬杳泻汗脏侨氛韫砧卵о妥橥髓千猥柰宜颐愎归邮型掖视嗣押慌彝妈咬拓戳 剂ㄖ广ㄣ埂颐っ亚⑼р靖颐伊 费椐蹬掖蚀崤械用摇押㈤仪烽艇对韫⑼Х砧拐

蹬掖蚀饩敢靡恋源笛椐岬栲伊状 嫡收琛氰 嗨绻捐亭橐崃琚衣嗟缌释Э摇豆 们练验о∫小乓Ф构 琳费椐喙组褪训庆 喙组颓亚 (琳嗑章 2-3 啖章) 啖章临 洹栲荤龚庸枪烈 淞枇锗荤 费椐汗豆贯判愎鸵ひ玫乓词 瑙怠 8 饬о $ㄐ唷绾啖章о$衡店楔苟构馀瑙 恃娩撮弧翟 ㄐ嗨抛屯沦栳よ峒Щ乓峒Ъ选 崤忻橐耿艇兑敲喾枰寡楣

慌曳砧拐枋瘁判笛倾谁枇摇 琳费椐氛瑷押愎崃韫橛嗣淄嗯臻搂∶歇学好脏浅拐獒判氛枇舀摇守久贸贺谜 鸵吩 慌摇 慌亦ら 慌窑学 慌沂且 慌摇靡 慌要柰够乓簇 慌夜耘慌忆 笛青喷∨Я摇 慌沂瞄吐 慌尧臻峦 吓 嗷绻甸

崃瑜醚欠砧唷绾窃墩∫盲醚洽艇饩敢靡 淞枨枰涤靡崤朽づ绱∫梅印押㈤仪烈坟∴羚川摇秘韫崃杳罔孤衣 嗯枰闼榧量学氰 慌液咬源氛枇闸衣 岬瑜埂玟凌浯楣月痢怨⊙构选 吐枰о够乓褐∷米突乓费悍粤 氛栲棺橥翟川肖仪 淞韫罔拎拐鹿 岫撩窑裔晶唷怨っ亚呛橐 ㄖт凌よ吐嗤伊曳印押㈤仪≡埂压

慌沂存 寡楣 酚托涿$兔柰 嗑章п佃吐枰幻丕ü檬慌宜衣浠⊙亨っ阻艇幻丕 嗒韫 归拥遗 归恿压送 姬幻丕檬 佳♂沽$嗯淄∴鸵幛杈痛站艇伊 囱Ч验 淞枨枰ㄐ佳 吠 怪瑙 甸哩状 甸潦榱 甸谅 嗷绻浯槎支笛青汀愎视醚骸押㈤仪岬枧辛组 嗑章о抛汀源慌曳砧吐摇≡灌疯夜验

靡隆颐鸵艘煤橐狗砧浠狙 酚闼橥珠т痪选闼 淞杳匍ㄐ笛词怨悒≡雇袖么 愎氛枋卮嗯淄〉榱掠搜腔乓〈 浯樗寡оふ槁扦泄艇垦 喙组偷伊∷且故用噎旁楣 归拥榱掠崤榍驼

驼〃夜斯骤 淞桎撮≡沽夜夜 顿°摇 ぷ 慌窑学佳穿枰 崃瑜醚撬谚躬蚤顾挂 佳戳摇押久浴⒄樗官是沟印押∶朽氛铝浞箩判久浴浞锣羚 幻丕撮锹唷抛歪判驶秘式亦⒄虑 佳♂沽佳戳 ∶歇衣搜韫酵 愫列∶俅 愫馑眯疽 崤芯迷—臻块裔揣 归荧鼗烈ㄒ∷灵偷榱弧眯促⊥柰古吐愫嗟

崃瑜醚呛汀氰 寿得崤惺汛疏枪寡楣 堕窑爻淞杳匍檬崤忻匍ㄑ』眯烈翅砰 和′弧缁枨隆颐嗷盆 堕彝乱 怨驼 玮访. 艘崃栳魂 (087) 046-6265 氛杳脏峭渺窃 谜释渺 ㄐㄍр店忻粤归鱼碎

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