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Crow Chili Dip - Ma Suwaree Wangthong Version

Crow Chili Dip is hard to come by these days. Few make it any more. Even at remote fresh market where there used to be "made to order" dip, the vendors are just gone, along with the crow bird.

Worse. The recipe has been adulterated many times over, until neither the look nor the taste resemble crow chili dip. There are added - grilled mackerel, serpent head fish and crunchy dried fish. Vegetables in the dip include, now, Turkey berry and cherry tomato.

To call this act an evolution would not be totally wrong. But to completely tear up the authentic recipe while using its ancient name imposes an irritation. In another case someone posted a recipe for Nam Prik Aong (Northern meat and tomato dip) on the net, but using red chili paste. When asked, he said it was his home recipe. The matter went to a northerner, the author of the dip; "pissed" was a mild reaction. So, this simply calls for one"s conscience.

The original Crow Chili Dip came from far and faraway folks. They use very few ingredients, but they know how to utilize each natural flavour, and how to conjure them into a good dish, and nutritious at that.

Ingredients are - shrimp paste grilled in banana leaf wrap, garlic and red and green bird chilies; all roughly pounded; then wrapped in banana leaf, along with cooked rice, bundled in loincloth tied to the waste on to any trek. Side vegetables are aplenty in the countryside. At places far from sea with no shrimp paste, salt is used instead.

How simple, unpretentious; but worthy of a local wisdom!

That relates to our title here: Crow Chili Dip - Ma Suwaree Wangthong Version. Last month"s end I drove to visit relatives in the North, stopped by in Phitsanulok, and cooked with my sister. She used to run a restaurant, with recipes and skills inherited from her mom, my aunt.

That day she said the menu must have a dip. In haste she would summarily make it; the version not available anywhere else.

Ingredients are another "Mates Trio": shallot, garlic and sweet pepper, separately seared in a wok (in haste - instead of grill) and roughly pound. All were fried in minimal oil, minced pork added, seasoned in three flavours: sour from lime, salty from fish sauce, and hot of pepper. No sweet.

Side vegetable was cucumber.

But it was good, with freshly cooked rice.

I"d rather omit my contribution to the menu. It"s like "carrying coals to Newcastle".

归泳迷、臻∫ 崃枋厍谜蚂茄Х艇

归泳迷、臻∫ 啻针虑拐橥汀ㄐ艘≡孤摇 淞瑜柰铝浙っ酚 崃榈伊蹬掖蚀佃咬ㄑ茄翠∨ 氛栲ぢ琳酚狄潦谚 ぷ偷印压蚀 啻针虑寡楣 浠狄了彝铡氛 啖摇玎旁∴收箩砰 崃獒佃埂∫啻针虑拐樗亦绥恭枰锣收锣磷柰渌描

氛杳橐隆氰夜验 琳∫冕慌У用彝汀浠伺衣涤醚亨伺淄唷怨 ü促崤榍费椐斯橐狄崤忻湿业凿凌硅舀朽荤构橛久浴⒄椤 嗒韫 琳闶杌乓焚妈咬 慌要柰孤枰 慌摇猛 佳°构橛久浴氛桠⑴∷米偷 岫亮朽⒆途千 列啖淄喾仁沾 啖橐烈驼

ㄐ和∏枰嗷绻窃茄补摇颐$ぇ淞杓源赐 岬琛颐ㄐ嗤业用意好页啖伊药铡吩椐淞枇摘蚤勾 岬杪学嗤要阻袜⒁烈悛 裂埂绱佟眯涿吐勹 驼〉亚吐枰Г淄 琳假榛眯∫鹊用曳庸橛久浴丸艇 岬栲っ阻艇幻丕悛榫迷♂¨岽 ∴㈤ 疯夜$和》砧洪夜疯夜酚吐枰Ч臻 寿得悚 寿得裂 瑙嗝阻艇寿得归泳迷⊥柰с疏啶米柰п¨岽Ч砧 觅殇欢支す芬о斯淄啖橐 啖摇玎ぷ艇嗷绻该昧匆 嗷绻脱骨枰 ⑼妈咬拐 悛榱夤该昧疏枪贺い拧玑砰恰压っ押

归泳迷、臻∫ 囱椐啻粤寡楣 嗷绻⑼И仪洪夜洹攀卮饩楣 悛猷っ阻艇幻丕归吐岬韫枰≡ 嗑靡朽⒁觅楱选悛槊湿业寓艇啶米柰Щ秘妈咬惰艇岱 嗤伊壹佟啖橐撮锹⊙ 兔柰 崤秀碎へ长枰鸵艘

啶米柰Щ秘Я ⌒辉凑髓豌旱艇嗉 ∶朽氛铝搜青喷 久浴⒄樗官是贯揣啖章 费椐肆粹⑴∷乱烘 髓豌旱艇 岫立橐鞘锹驼∷柰 ⒘谴奸尧仪灵窑掖嗤卿欢支渌沟柰渌 佳♂沽浠艘嗤尧橐归 阂Х橥Ф澡顾枰т∨沸嗯烈 嗣淄艘⌒辉淞桎撮 $悛猷∨淄幻丕檬岱

喾枰拐猷艇 嗝章 ц衣 柿缎 柿⊙ び氰 蕾猎谎要仪洪夜浞骡绰岱

ㄖо荤狗砧烈⑼Ж谚撬亚谎∩旃臻 "归泳迷、臻∫ 崃枋厍谜蚂茄Х艇" ぷ袜磷柰慌衣啻淄狗砧崤榍 剂⒀好朵秽抡杪镰业苑咬嗨棺 崆蟹砧驹沙剽拧 (す芬р归灌⒁嗝章 "驹粹拧" 吐馗乱 氰 "仑绰" 硅颐选浠驼♂汉) 啖橐浠酚⊙孩橐恰押归艇 喔袜ぢ酚瞄夜鸵艘猫灌∩章沉裔砰 撮锹涤靡崤忻柿淄惰衣吠戳舀摇崃 瑙$ぷ突橐剂嗤

茄构验 喔秃汀氰 愎视醚旱橥Я展橛久浴恃∷怪瑙堕锹 岬柰颐伊谜 喔廷头油妈咬恃о⒒ 嗷绻归泳迷、臻∫氛杷摇怨氛桎斯淞桎撮 ㄖо谜隆氰 归泳迷、臻∫ 崃枋厍谜蚂茄Х艇 拐殇

啶米柰Щ秘Я帐伊唷磐 ぷ 送玲揣 ∶朽氛铝 久浴寺恰 ぱ枨愎∶蟹蟹张型妈咬 ($和♂砰卿枰谜 嗉忆凌费) 崤榍嗤伊意⑴∷乱烘 ㄒ」验古Ъ汛归恿压 闶杷临恃号枪ü守 幻丕室撩 琳 嗷谜槁橇泄仪 啶缌归踊乓凑 崤榍$嗉绱久浴寺恰 淞枇账且

佳♂沽茄构验 谜和铡狄拎ぢ 琳幛栳掸∏ 搜韫嗷绻崆韫

兔柰陇醚 ≡埂押㈤仪是旅橥规

ぇ淞璧橥Ш汀剐っ押 氰仪压寡楣剂酚托涿浠啖橐视醚骸押啖液橐 裂灌肆淄 "嗤伊芯瞄仪碎仪浠⒁率枪" 硅

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