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Pork Knuckle Red Curry with Cherry Tomato

We call our wife"s mother "mother-in-law". What about her mother"s mother? Well, I simply called her "grandma"; it sounds nice and closer to the in-laws.

Grandma never ate pork leg. After I made Emperor"s Pork Leg and induced her to try the knuckle, she went only for the knuckle whenever there was braised pork leg.

At the merit making rite for her death, the menu consisted of her favourites; chili shrimp paste with vegetables and fried mackerel, spare rib soup with bamboo mushroom, stir fried cauliflower with shrimp, fermented fish coconut milk stew, plus pork leg curry.

Such rite always sees me in the kitchen where I belong and could give a hand. To dress up for the reception line I would look out of place, lest too off-line for an in-law.

Busy, mother-in-law left me in the kitchen with lady cooks of assorted ages.

By my look of confidence or being a nice in-law, I was called the head cook.

Chili shrimp paste was being pounded and side vegetables attended to by squatting ladies, Mackerel already deep fried. I saw a lass standing by, so I approached,

"Would you help fillet some mackerel with head intact convenient for the monks; so next life we could share more merit making?" She had the trayful finished in a jiffy.

Stir fried cauliflower with shrimp and pork rib soup with bamboo mushroom was being seasoned by Maew Lass.

A cauldron of fermented fish stew in coconut milk was done from home, using the same side vegetables with chili paste. Normally these two dishes are not featured in such occasion for either could exhaust any rice cooker. But both were grandma"s favourite.

This left only the pork leg curry, ingredients of which had been thoroughly prepared by compassionate vendors for 3kg size; i.e. 3 kg each of pork leg and coconut milk; 1 kg cherry tomato; sweet basil and kaffir lime leaf. Red chili was nicely sliced by an uncle-in-law who wished to share a merit with the fillet lass in the next life.

Before further ado, Maew nudged me saying "Start the curry, prayers just started."

In a wok I ladled coconut cream (1st press) to extract oil; added curry paste until its aroma went sky high. More cream and higher heat to boil; chunk of pork leg went in until almost done; then all was transferred to a cauldron of warm coconut milk and seasoned with fish sauce. The next boil saw cherry tomato, sweet basil, kaffir lime leaves and chili. A bowl of cached cream was poured to glisten up curry surface, and fire was put off.

Result? Despite warnings that the flesh would be tough, it came out al dente. With cherry tomato to degrease and kaffir lime to cut pork odour; coconut milk"s creaminess and curry paste"s intense flavour were retained. Not even for a plastic bag was left; for this curry is not commonly done; and the chili julienne flew off with the fillet lass.


崃琚艇嗔章 嗝亦谜隆 "崃杪衣" 崃琚艇崃杪衣 ㄐ嗝章∏枰 "乱侣衣" 嗣淄 "崃栳凌乱" 凑判拐 剂嗝章 "乱" 嗯 垦о拐鹿嗷绻喙组袜凑虑⊙汉橐灌琳麓

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っ验恭夜是捶雍丨乱路砧茄 嗔官 嗣淄靡隆颐视醚骸押㈤仪砰枪嗷绻⑼р幻储艇乱 嗒韫 归泳迷 谢约选ㄔ榱 慌曳俜痛 甸莲砧猡莽肆汆伦柰浼 赐 兴盆蛹汛∝椐 伺够乓瞄 岫玲¨嗉绱⒁肆

б购丨吐枰Ч臻 剂裂∴袜㈤意莽っ亚 蹲袜荤咕组狗砧⑼о靡 啖橐浠锹啖忆撮洪咬 ㄐ闼獒佃У亚嗝砧铝嗍雇斯橐醚横ⅰ$促∶袖猛沦 啖舀星枰酚托涿雇∷归亦≡灌怕啖锣鸵浯

崃杪衣裂轻佃秦韫醚横ⅰ 吩椐闼榧镣沦桡光莽っ亚 瑙琳岬栳凌っ亚 づ星崖づ忻罔逛凰链

淞杳匍嗑靡辛掖嗣淄促嗷绻啖路砧硅颐选 好么裔凌っ亚ㄖ°碎剂嗷绻崃瑙夜嗍章嗯

归泳迷 谢 佳〃蚤 啖舀艇寡瑙涤崤泄谚Х蛹选⊙顾链 慌曳佟绶痛崤榍 剂嗨绻室鞘锹伦勾偻沦瑜顾怪瑙 ㄖ汀灰

"锹锻础橐Щ乓焚斯柰落撮渌哩晷 岬璧源搜腔乓淝 久楔袖撮┭故写恰 翟斯橐ㄐ浯榱曳雍丨描橇⊙雇铡" 啻针虑啻章青竿酚嗍苗ǚ验Ф掖

赐 兴盆 嗨绱恳 佳础亻 室轻肆敲押浠 疏枪甸莲砧猡莽嗦阻弯艰 喔突秘枢驹瑙隆脓

伺够乓瞄宜灵豌谁栲拭绋拭镁烈ㄒ『橐 佳〃蚤零描橇⊙汗橛久浴⌒辉 瑙该昧匆б贯汉拐 2 吐枰Ч砧 啖伊选淞栲鸵烈啖橐视醚 嗑靡肖龚小怨⊙顾灵廷橐轻怠 素т凌就 岬栳凌乱潞汀嗷绻⑼И秃⑼衣 刨∴⒙ㄖ锹妥弯凌∨橐俗痛榍

嗨抛歪¨嗉绱⒁肆偻妈咬啻章 瑙峒п凌ら毅沟乓疵枨练雍丨嗟谜铝恃亨得章了谚沽毅碎 视嗣押寿得 3 ≡馀 ぷ ⒁肆 ⌒吩 吐枰 3 ≡馀 归泳迷♂¨岽 6 ⒄ 列啖淄嗷谜槁 1 ≡馀 愫馑眯疽 愫列∶俅 啻绱烈嗝章好橥 疏枪久浴榭橐岽 浯楣橐啖陋枨锣ㄕ鹿嗍臻虑ü是 氰要业运归舀袖撮描橇贺押す是路砧锻础橐Щ乓焚寡韫

淞璺压搜姑账压⑶咬 室轻肆鞘小源收㈤咬烈 和∏枰 "帷о怕菊 久朽迷枇是瘁砰"

笛椐∶蟹 翟翠 悛榈泻锹茄 (丸夜氰毅谁枇摇) 笛∷亚⌒吩闶琛眯沸 啶砧虑闼獒怠裂 脓啶米柰п¨ 佳川顾土⒅楣浠吨Т仪粗 嗟粤搜恰蟹 嗝瑙淇 就啻淄淬疏⒁肆俜砧恃氦鱼谁 づ亍ば喙氰毅∨槭亍 惰衣费椐∶蟹信灵退咬⌒吩 幻丕檬撮锹归踊乓 就啻淄赐铡氛 闶枇朽⒆袜幻臻虑 愫馑眯疽 列∶俅 崤芯迷∈ 靡此亚⌒吩氛琚卵′情了怪瑙视嗣押嗤伊压磐滤归 辉瘁£

寂 氛枇栅沟鸳氰亦棺橥⒁肆侉朽斯章 幻摇枰⒁肆偈亍关枇∮叛Т 浯榱朽⒆袜幻臻虑笛疵枢耪杪 愫列∶俅囱氦仪 岬瑜Г且了且沽压⑼А蟹 崤忻枢㈤立楣归泳迷♂¨ ㄖт凌嗨抛豌疏敦А叛汉橐 嗑靡朽荤贯¨氛桎凌よ吐琳悚梅印压

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