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Fried Holy Basil - M-I-L

Those cooks with certificate qualifying them to work abroad have to pass one test-dish by a committee - Fried Holy Basil. Whatever prerequisites or mandate to honour the authenticity or uniqueness of Thai food may be, we"d better leave them to the relevant civil agencies: the Department of Skill Development, the Department of Export Promotion, the Ministry of Culture (the one which, on its inauguration day, hired a westerner to teach Thais how to perform a Thai ritual of respect), etc.

Let"s talk how to make "fried holy basil" most delectable to our family members.

Fried holy basil aka (as known as) "desperate fry" does not imply the cook out of recipe; but the customer. At lunch of short time off and tired of noodles, the customer enters a short-order shop but runs out of wits, so he ends up with "fried holy basil", with any meat: beef, chicken, minced pork, pork crackle, shrimp, squid or whatever, to rid off the burden at hand; so he can bow to his mobile phone and play line, face, twitter, etc. an act almost unbearably dissuaded in the office.

My mother-in-law was from Ayutthaya where it"s reputed of sweet cooking; this is not true, because she does not feature sweet in her dish; only in her daughter.

One dish requested of her at any chance would be "fried holy basil with marbled beef"; no cook on this land surpasses her on this. And, for the benefit of non-beef eater, I would like to disclose her recipe with pork.

Use pork shoulder, normally 200 gram per serving, but I"d go for half a kg.

A curry recipe for 1 kg meat and 1 kg coconut milk calls for 200 gram of curry paste; a fry without liquid takes only 100; so 50 gram for half kilo of meat as follows:

Garlic 20 gram yellow pepper 30 gram. I use yellow pepper for its distinctive aroma while the red or green bird chili tends to be aggressive. Chop the pepper and immerse in water to loosen off seeds, pound with garlic; adding a teaspoon of sea salt and half of sugar to shorten the task. Don"t make it too fine or it will be fiery hot. Other ingredients: chopped yard long bean if you like though I prefer 1 bulb of red onion sliced, and 2 handfuls of holy basil leaf.

Heat up a wok before putting in oil; scoop the paste from the mortar with Chinese metal spoon to fry until pungent; add sliced pork followed with red onion and basil; season with fish sauce, and, if addicted, 2 spoons of oyster sauce. Tilt the wok to catch an abrupt flame and call it done. Do not linger or the meat will be regrettably overcooked. A trick from the Indian cuisine to fully enliven all flavours hints a squeeze of lime before serving.

佳础朽久 - 崃杪衣

捐亭醚轻凌っ亚氛杳押愫幻小胰¤凸⒅楣啶米柰т环缨夜愎佃咬幻朽啡寡楣 鸵艘猫夜斯骤 (淞桡 "嗔官" 嗑靡 Menu 峄徘枰 靡隆颐鸵艘 び拐殂荚础压坟∈阻 蹲袜鸵喾栲㈤仪枰) 氛璧橥Щ秘Ъ枰工承∶昧∫梅词秃$ぷ 佳础朽久 疏枪啖舀辛铡翟∫唰阻凸洧嗷绻托涿 ㄐ∮呵枰甸艇ぇ嗤∨选沙斓楣┖押⊙孩橐卿仿吐枰т 嗝彝妈忆皇广衣判嗤章储艇啖亦怕 慌柰裸碎嗷绻嗝阻艇⑼硅锹靡颐氛栲≌杪洽橥 嗒韫 ∶辆巡挂秸磷歪莽б ∶潦瑙嗍迷痢颐疏汀 ∶蟹们巡垢妹 (氛瑷橐Ы醚瑙释广碎す浞落饲) 吓 啖仪枰⑼о⒁浠

嗝伊窑芈⊙灌米柰 佳础朽久 酚闼榱压兔柰露佟灰·广购橐灌靡嗤т凌凑∏枰嗣淄

佳础朽久 琳┮乱氰 "佳词蚤工源" 淞桎撮峄徘枰 捐亭醚欠橥岱 ぴ赐袖娩凌屯 岬杷烈露支す≡ 磷橥喾砧搂 琳嗲乓淞枇摇 嗪阻汀肭锣嫡肼 啻怨啖橐瞄夜鸵艘玫伊恃瑙 嗤亦㈤舀迷А绀源托涿淞柰汀 $脓氛 佳础朽久 ㄐ闶栲棺橥托涿 喙组颓亚 洹 肆偈押 肆佟猛 ∝椐 慌宜林 嗣淄托涿$崤榍岬 闼榱压肆蠢颐械莽斯橐浠嗷乓兴怪瑙 ㄐ浯椤榱斯橐嗷源磷投淄嗯韫渑轨 嗫 非缘嗟兔 嗣淄托涿凑∏枰 よ曳砧脱赐验 愎视寡¨夜啖宜橐拎盆沽淄蹲 悒ㄐ⒁脆收裸碎浯

崃杪衣剂咀楣嗑烈ㄒ⊥仑嘎 疏枪悚猫星枰⊙孩橐呛橐构验雇汀饲夜 ⑼闼榭学速淝槭艇速 嗑靡嗅凌乱路印押㈤仪淞杷且 氛杷且贯烽峁韫凸ぷ团佟室堑枰摇

⊙孩橐迁夜斯骤 氛栲磷柰浯殁汀沂 $ㄐ屯』摇⑼闼獒凌乱路 ぷ "喙组偷源裂辜汛⌒嗑靡" 浠磐Я颐橥锣顽脆ㄧ绰枰构橛$淞杌眯费恒ㄠ疯尧艇崃杪衣 崤卸淄馔∫使臻 嗤业用尧艇崃杪衣烈嗯枰寿琛压垦 岬栲咀柰嗤毅à恭脆棺橥茄 $⑼嗷耪杪灌荤顾临

悛槭压ね肆 弧翟ㄒ顾怪瑙悛 2 ⒄ 嗉阻徒枰戮允侉轨脱∩娩凌嗒阻 $酚っ骤А遭培收锣怕

狄潦俚冕¨寡楣 喙组褪训庆 1 馀 ⌒吩 1 馀 ㄐ悛猷っ阻艇帷 2 ⒄ 岬栲磷柰嗷绻佳翠凌琳归俞¨ $甸艇吠古Я亦伺淄啶米柰п¨⒄脆凑虑 喙组退临っ骤р ㄖс嗑章Г弥瑙⒄ 琳托涿洪咬

∶朽氛铝 20 ∶蚜 久浴嗨抛艇 30 ∶蚜 氛桡久浴嗨抛艇 嗑靡楔朽鸵∨澡顾土ㄓ嗑倚 瑙久浴⒄樗官岽о⒄虑嗣淄久浴⒄樗官是埂缢土 岬柰汀芬毓崦 剂ㄖс久浴嗨抛艇 搜韫岐韫橛嗤亦羚赐汀 崤榍涤⊙骸眯喾章 低沟 闶栲∨淄嗔绱 1 凸 归拥遗访衣 っ骤И橥躬 ㄐ锹闼獒伺∴苗洽珠 岬柰妈业优朽驼麓寡 ㄐ嗉绱で压屯∷ 疏枪际镣妈咬妥韫 憾谚墙选乱恰缢谚狗柰故验规 岬杓零送玲ⅰ (收屯×枨) 1 搜倾谁 崤榍啻绱愫⌒嗑靡淝椁吐疯彝铡 2 ∮

笛椐∶蟹秀碎瞄凸ㄑ よ吐闶韫橛裂 悛楠橥沟选啶米柰Х砧涤脓烈佳淬碎送 ㄖс疏喙组退临氛栳盆阂И蚤广谁枧 狄链榍滤土幄~吐崤秀骸朽久 撩 幻丕撮锹归踊乓 嗣淄悚玫源使橛裂顾吐 $闶 2 凸獾晷 嗤章А眯沸闼殇颗亍 嗤尧珠狗压氛 吐枰烷吐驮瑙 喙组通朽斯章青收垄艇 啶喷脆寸川摇っ亚幄 ¤凸嗍悦炜 闼楹蘸列挂 1  淞栲鸵嗷谜槁 岬栲咀柰酚闼槊释阻规 底韫笛青电辆浴汛ㄩ

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